A Better Way

A blade within reach
Nothing is going right
Maybe I could slit my wrist
Or wait, let me use that blade
And tear my insecurities in a jist
Then things will be okay and the wrong will soon fade
A rope in view looks like a chance
I’ll tie it to the ceiling I can’t bear this state of trance
Hanging in the air would end all the pain
But would my life leave a mark
And would my memories remain
Instead of myself I should hang my cloak there
Of anxiety, worry and despair
A cliff so high
Looks like an adventurous way to die
I would throw myself and let go
Of all the betrayal, judgements and loneliness that
Nobody ever asked about and cared to know
Or wait maybe I should choose a braver way
Choose to throw from that place so high
All my bitter thoughts, those rumours
and lies that made me want to die
And I could also choose to live
To risk it all again, not for another being
But just the hope within
That confidence that never dying thing
Maybe I could lend an ear, not necessarily a dime
to another hurting soul, and make them escape
The hurt, into the sands of time
I would then free my own prisoned one
I would hear the music of hope and positivity like the wind chime
The hand which I had thought of slitting
Let it reach out and help to dry
The despaired eyes which have learned to often cry
Let my scars tell my story
Let not death, but life be the right option and
A thing of pride and glory
Choose to outlive all those moments
Of hurt, confusion, and pressure
Live the bigger picture of life
Because there, lies the real treasure

Angel Nair ©

Addiction ©

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Every soul finds an attachment
In every part there is life’s missing fragment
The addiction whether good or bad
Is for you to ponder
Just make sure that thing does not lead you to wander

A joint would merely cause smoke around
Why not instead let confidence set flames to life’s trial ground
Don’t let the negative vibes gain hold and surround
Listen to the voice within coz its known to always guide true
And my friend, it sure would make you do things great and profound

A bottle of scotch would drown your liver in passive poison
To take away your life it would provide a good reason
Why not instead drink from the cup of care, love and oneness
Let us, the spirit of humanity and gratitude possess

A pinch of weed would make you high
But that would lead you to soon die
Why not instead be addicted to not judge easily
Let’s not seal the apprearances with a tag of gossip so hastily

And then when these things shall be in us imbibed
Then would we have the right addictions within the soul inscribed
In turn let us these addictions, to others, pass and provide
The test of life would be so easily conquered and survived

© Angel Nair


Maze ©

maze image

What’s meant to be yours,
Will be, they say
What’s not, can never be
But what if my demand is not the moon or stars
What if behind every smile
Is a sincere attempt to hide my scars
What if all I ask is not the whole world
But just a portion
of that which is truly mine
I ask not for stars, nor the moon so bright
All I ask for is a hand to hold mine tight
I do not ask for someone to be with me
When I’m on my clear side
Just be there and show me you care,
When all I want to do is
To cry, run away and hide
I would be okay when the sun’s shining bright
But how then would I hide my insecurities in the dead of the night
She’s all strong in the head, they looked at my face and said
What was indeed breaking and tiring inside
Was all revealed when I shut the door and struck my bed
I do not know what lies ahead it’s all a haze
Would I ever make it out of this maze?



© Angel Nair



magician 4


Those eyes full of hope

That smile of trust

Those words full of encouragement

The soft and soothing touch of the hands

The heart full of love and forgiveness

The life full of sacrifices

It can only be a mother

The mother who can do anything to

See her child happy

The mother who can give up everything

If her child wants to achieve something

The mother who loves unconditionally

The mother who can give everything

In return for nothing

The mother who is always forgiving

Even if her child goes astray, a several times

The mother who cries

When her child is feeling low

The mother who would even be happy

If her child is feeling so

The mother who would never show the pain

Even if she is broken inside

The mother who would laugh aloud

But silently weep and cry aside

The mother who would stay hungry

To make sure her child is fed well

A mother is a friend

Who can understand everything without being told

A mother is that piece of a puzzle

Without which life is incomplete

Without which there seems to be a void

A mother is that warrior who can fight

For her child, against the whole world

And still smile

A mother is that strength

Which can always lift us up

No matter how low we stoop

A mother’s love carries strength

So much so that a stone would melt

A mother’s love is strong

So much so that nothing can ever weaken it

A mother is the affirmation that

Everything would be fine

And I will always love you,

No matter what my child…









Just A Dream

Should I laugh or should I cry?

Should I feel low or high?

Who cares?

I am responsible for my own happiness.

I came into the world a pauper, and would one day leave the same

But I am content with what I am but hope to someday make a name.

A name that would recognize me and would gain me commendable fame.

I do not yearn for gold or silver, nor treasures immeasurable

I only seek the honor I deserve.

I do not seek to be a dame

All I ask for is just one chance to follow my heart

And fulfill my dreams,

I am sure I would not disgrace the chance.

They say success is a matter of luck, not everyone succeeds,

I say luck is just a word, perseverance does it.

Take a glance at the birds way up high,

I’ve always dreamt of chasing them just while they fly.

But will I be even able to reach so high?

I sometimes wish to fly because it’s a wonderful thing to do,

But then I take a step behind, I’m afraid of being pulled back.

I know that no mortal can ever be perfect,

But can’t the practice of being one, make me perfect?

I know it might take me ages to gain what I aim for

And could even lose it all in a jiffy,

But that’s where I need to possess a joyous spirit

And risk to start from null.

I could allow myself to be led but never to be ruled

I have now learnt a priceless lesson,

I am responsible for my own happiness

My happiness does not depend on what could influence me

But that which I let myself to be influenced by.

I wish not for the moon or stars

But just the little trust and confidence

That I can and I will achieve that which I must…












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I wish to live, but do not dare.

My life keeps me wandering here and there.

I must find shelter, but where?

My life has a purpose, which I hadn’t realized.

And now is the time for the biggest test;

But I haven’t even revised.

And the purpose was to live and let live and to learn to learn.

And only with my hard work can I earn.

And all the pain and grieve and sadness of the past,

Has all vanished and burnt at last.

And I need to put in my best, to pass the test,

And then in peace and comfort can I rest.



©images (1)


Chrysanthemumvia Daily Prompt: Perfume

Bringing back memories…
Travelling back into time
Diving deep into the cold nostalgia..
This smell reminds me of you

How once you held me in your arms
How long I would stay in your embrace
Just to let your smell linger over me for longer
Even after you would be gone

How often you would bring those flowers
To see a smile on my face
But none of those fragrances
Could ever match with yours

Even after it all shattered
Long after the world fell at our feet
Still something stayed back forever
Still something comforts me and breaks me, together
The memories..of your warmth, of your embrace, your Perfume
And those can never be washed away with time
They are just so inevitably memorable..like the sound
Made when the wind brushes through
The wind chime